This highly sustainable hospitaility training centre employs thermal chimneys along with the thermal mass of reverse block-veneer walls & heavy masonry construction to purge the building of the heat generated from cooking & also regulate the fluctuations in temperature throughout the day.  The chimneys are expressed as 'knife blades' that slice through the building & utilise the principle of thermal bouyancy to draw cool air in through the lower louvre windows & up through the backdraft shutters at the top of the chimney blades.  Translucent cladding on the northern face of the blades allows sunlight to assist the affect.  Thermal modeling was undertaken by mechanical engineers at the design stage to test the efficacy of the system.

"We found True North Architects to be very professional and collaborative during the design process. Their management of a range of different personalities and stakeholders during the entire process was first class and was instrumental in the overall success of our project" - Geoff Whitnall, Catholic Schools Office