Lloyd Residence - Hawkesbury River

This highly sustainable two-bedroom home on the banks of the Hawkesbury River has to produce its own power, & water whilst treating its own sewerage.  Surrounded by beautiful bush it also provides a high level of bushfire protection whilst clinging to the side of the sanstone escarpment.  The 'bird wing' roof line was generated by the need to let in winter sun & to ensure views both out & back up the steep site were fully appreciated from within.  At the rear of the house a bridge connects the house back to the slope & allows a direct connection from the living space out into the bush & to a small patch of level ground.  Lightweight materials dominate the structure with the use of low maintenance corrugated iron for wall cladding.  Gaining Council approval on such a steep & complex environmental site was quite an achievement.  The owner, a steel fabricator, is in the process of building the house himself & is undaunted by the complexities of the site.  We can't wait to see it finished.