The solution for this home office for an IT company at Oak Beach in Tropical North Queensland was completely out of left field for the clients but  wholly embraced by them.  With views of the Coral Sea, it was  proposed to cut a swathe through the roof of the building for the new office & bridge directly across to it from higher ground behind. Business clients have direct access to the office via the bridge without impingeing on the house below.  Curved steel angle-iron frames help brace the structure & provide a sculptural mount for lighting.  Glazed walls at either end of the extrusion funnel sea breeze through the space to keep it cool.  Wide eaves give year round protection to the interior from sun penetration.  The office terminates with a cantilevered deck to enjoy the tropical view.  The project survived cyclone Steve part way through construction & has gone on to become the favourite room in the house - which is a good thing for a home office.