Crowe Residence - MacMasters Beach

This classic 70s high-set fibro that has subsequently had it's under-storey filled in, was something that we couldn't go past.  Having moved from Port Douglas in the tropics we were looking for something that would get us through the 'harsh NSW winter'!!  Fortunately although this old beach shack was thrown up very cheaply at the time, whoever built it gave some good thought to its siting.  With a perfect 'True North' orientation & floor to ceiling glazing it enjoys beautiful winter sun penetration & good summer sun control as well as a lovely summer nor-easter.  So when it came to designing an addition to the house we didnt want to change anything of the features we loved.  In essence it will simply be a new deck with a separate roof that hovers over the existing & wraps across the full frontage to create a two storey void space that is the entry to the house & studio.  The roof will be a combination of fibreglass & recycled hardwood battens that provide a weathered finish that allows dappled light down onto the surfaces below.  Just need to build it now!